PhD positions

PhD Position and Camp Manager at the Tai National Park, Ivory Coast

PhD studentship on the evolution and ecology of extractive foraging, Durham University

2021-04-04 Two PhD Positions at the Centre for Language Studies, Radboud University

2021-04-04 PhD position in parrot cognition, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

2021-03-31 PhD positions at the Language Learning and Processing Lab, Hebrew University in Jerusalem

2021-03-31 International Max Planck Research School for Evolutionary Biology (IMPRS EvolBio)

Post-doc positions

Leopoldina Postdoc Scholarship

2021-04-03 Postdoctoral Fellow in Systems or Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Michigan

2021-04-02 Post doctoral Study Grants, Fondation Fyssen 

2021-04-01 Two Postdoc positions in language development, University of Marseille

2021-03-31 Postdoc positions at the Language Learning and Processing Lab, Hebrew University in Jerusalem

2021-03-31 Postdoc position in avian cognition, McGill University

2021-03-15 Research Fellow – Developing Belief and Religious Cognition, Queen´s University Belfast

2021-03-12 Postdoctoral Researcher in Language and Social Interaction, Radboud University 

2021-03-11 Postdoctoral Researcher in Linguistics and English Language, University of Edinburgh

Senior positions

2021-04-04 Assistant Professor in Behavioural Science, London School of Economics and Political Science

2021-04-04 Assistant Professor in Psychological and Behavioural Science, London School of Economics and Political Science

2021-04-01 Teaching & Scholarship Lecturer in Zoology, Bangor University

2021-03-26 Two Lecturers in Psychology, University of Sheffield

2021-03-21 Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Psychology: Evolution and Social Behaviour, Nottingham Trent University 

2021-03-17 Associate Professor / Full Professor of Modeling of Biological Systems, University of Koppenhagen

2021-03-15 Visiting Assistant Professor of Ecology, Macalester College

2021-03-14 Academic Teacher in Animal Behaviour and Cognition, Universiteit Utrecht

2021-03-10 Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Denver

2021-03-09 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, University of Manchester


Field Assistants required for behavioural project in Uganda on cross-cultural development of empathy in human infants

Field assistants interested in gaining experience in the field of animal behaviour, welfare and cognition to help conduct behavioural experiments in goats for Summer 2021 ( London/ around Maidstone, Kent)

Copenhagen Summer School 2021 in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind

2021-03-31 Stipends for early-career researchers from the Ethologische Gesellschaft

2021-03-31 Toulouse Summer School in Quantitative Social Sciences

2021-03-26 IWDG Science Officer, Kilrush, Co Clare

2021-03-24 Research Assistant in the Comparative BioCognition Research Group, Universität Osnabrück

2021-03-21 Senior Marine Mammal Advisor, Aberdeen, Scotland

2021-03-19 British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM

2021-03-12 American Anthropological Association Summer 2021 Internship