Job openings

PhD positions

PhD studentship on the evolution and ecology of extractive foraging, Durham University

2021-06-14 PhD position to study longitudinal and cross-cultural study of prosocial and normative behaviour in early childhood, University of York

2021-06-13 3-year full-time PhD student to work on human facial expressivity and social relationships, Nottingham Trent University

Post-doc positions

Leopoldina Postdoc Scholarship

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Animal Cognition Research Group, University of Alberta

2021-07-01 Postdoc in Primatology at the Paleoanthropology Working Group, University of Tübingen

2021-07-01 Postdoc offer in Social Cognition, Paris

2021-06-30 Postdoctoral Researcher Orangutan ranging decisions and socioecology, MPI for Animal Behavior

2021-06-25 Postdoctoral Researcher in Psychology, Birkbeck University of London

2021-06-22 Research Fellow in Evolutionary Anthropology, UCL

Senior positions

Lecturer in Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University

2021-09-19 Open Rank Academic positions (Lecturer to Associate Professor) in Psychology (E&R), University of Exeter

2021-07-22 Lecturer in Biology, Rice University

2021-07-21 Lecturer in Psychology (Diversity and Inclusion), Queen´s University Belfas

2021-07-01 Lecturer / Senior Lecturer (E&R) in Marine Biology, University of Exeter

2021-07-01 Assistant Professor in Animal Science/Animal Behavior, SUNY Cobleskill

2021-06-22 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Ecology, ARU

2021-06-14 Two Assistant Professors in Sociology, University of Amsterdam


MSc Applied Data Science (Ecology and Evolution), University of Exeter

Field Assistant to study development of empathy in wild bonobos

Volunteer positions at the Kalahari Research Centre

Field-based Research Coordinator to be based in western Tanzania

Assistant Director, Lester E. Fisher Center for the Study and Conservation of Ape, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago

Field Assistants required for behavioural project in Uganda on cross-cultural development of empathy in human infants

Copenhagen Summer School 2021 in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind

2021-07-06 Research Communications Lead, Durham University

2021-07-01 Project Manager, Durham University

2021-06-15 3 Teaching Assistants at the School of Psychology, University of Glasgow