2019-10-28 Managing Editor and Publicity Officer, ESEB
2019-10-02 Research Fellowships at IAST, Toulouse, France
2019-09-27 PhD position in bumble bee behavior & cognition. Deadline 1 December
2019-09-27 Two postdoctoral positions in chimpanzee behavior and cognition. Deadline 15 November
2019-09-27 Two Tenure Track Positions in Cognition and Communication in the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences. Deadline 20 October
2019-09-27 Max Planck Research Groups- Announcement 2019/2020. Deadline 17 October
2019-09-27 Max Planck Research Group Leader at Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior. Deadline 27 October
2019-09-27 Are you an early-career researcher looking to travel to a scientific conference next year, but lack the funds? Applications are now open to apply for a travel grant from the Communications journals! Learn more and be sure to apply before Oct 27
2019-09-27 ESEB is pleased to announce the next call for applications for the Equal Opportunities Initiative Fund in 2019. Deadline: 31 October 2019
2019-07-30 Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Technology & Innovation Studies at University of Tartu, Estonia
2019-06-26 PhD position (36 months) in Automated monitoring & analysis of animal health & welfare at University of Essex, UK
2019-06-03 PhD position (36 months) in biology to work on interdisciplinary social learning project at Toulouse, France
2019-05-09 Grackle Project Postdoctoral Scholar with Corina Logan at Comparative Behavioral Ecology Research Group, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Institute for Social, Behavioral and Economic Research, University of California Santa Barbara, USA
2019-05-09 Postdoctoral Research Associate (either full time or part-time for maternity cover) to work on a project investigating causal reasoning in corvids and humans, funded by the ERC with Prof Nicola Clayton at University of Cambridge, UK
2019-04-30 2 PhD Positions in Data-driven Agent-based Modeling of Social Influence and Attitude Dynamics at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
2019-02-18 2-year Research Fellowship at UCL on The Psychological Roots of Societal Self-Harm: Mass Participation Experiments. Funded by the Nuffield Foundation. Deadline: 24th February
2019-02-18 For international (prospective) postdoctoral researchers who wish to work in the UK, the call for applications to the Newton International Fellowship is now open. Deadline: 27th March. For researchers interested in social insects (including cognition), Mark Brown and Ellie Leadbeter are calling for fellowship applicants interested in working with them at the Royal Holloway University
2019-02-18 On a topic tangential to Social Learning, Andy Gardner is offering three 4-year Research Fellowships on Social Evolution Theory (mathematically oriented), at the University of St Andrews. Deadline: 28th February
2019-02-18 Research Assistant Kyoto, Japan (all expenses paid), 26 April – 1 July 2019 (+/- 3 days).  Donna Kean (PhD candidate) and Professor Christine Caldwell (University of Stirling) are seeking a volunteer research assistant to assist on a cognitive experiment investigating information use in capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) at Kyoto University, Japan. Deadline: Thursday 28th February 2019. Please direct informal enquiries to: Donna Kean d.e.kean1@stir.ac.uk

2018-11-08 ESRC funded psychology studentship for UK/EU students to work on social learning, cultural evolution, migration etc. with Alex Mesoudi, University of Exeter (Cornwall Campus), UK
2018-11-08 Fully funded NERC PhD student position on bee cognition, School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London, UK
2018-09-06 Funded two-year Postdoc position on early stone tools, Cognitive archaeology, Department of Early Prehistory and Quaternary Ecology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Tübingen, Germany
2018-07-05 Postdoc and PhD positions in Archaeogenomics, Population genetics, Bioarchaeology, and Archaeological modeling, Anthropology Department, Middle East Technical University at Ankara, Turkey
2018-07-05 Post-doc associate, Anthropology Department, New York University
2018-07-03 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Psychology, The University of Texas at Austin
2018-07-03 Open doctoral student positions, Department of Biological and Environmental Science, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
2018-07-03 Postdoctoral Fellow, “Learning and choosing in a complex world”, UNSW, Sydney

2018-06-11 Postdoctoral Research Associate in Agent-based modelling and Data analysis, University of Cambridge
2018-05-23 Lab Coordinator, Cognitive Evolution Research Group and Arizona Canine Cognition Center, University of Arizona
2018-05-23 Lecturer in Psychology – University of York
2018-05-23 Volunteer Research Assistant – Ngogo Chimpanzee Project, Uganda
2018-05-22 Postdoctoral Researcher on Ecology of Species Interactions with Jukka Forsman, University of Oulu
2018-05-02 Research assistant, Comparative Cognition research group directed by Nicola Clayton, University of Cambridge
2018-04-16 Lab coordinator, Cognitive Evolution Group directed by Alexandra Rosati, University of Michigan
2018-04-16 Postdoctoral Fellow with Michael Muthukrishna, London School of Economics
2018-03-08 MPhil by Research Studentship in Modelling Cultural Connectivity
2018-03-08 Postdoctoral Researcher – Cognitive and Cultural Foundations of Religion and Morality
2018-03-08 Three Postdoctoral Research Fellowships, University Research Priority Program (URPP) Language and Space at the University of Zurich
2018-03-08 Postdoctoral Researcher (to be based at Oxford): Ritual Modes: Divergent Modes of Ritual, Social Cohesion, Prosociality, and Conflict, in the Evolution of Social Complexity
2018-02-07 Animal Behaviour Laboratory Assistant in the Department of Biological Sciences at Royal Holloway University of London
2018-02-07 Lecturer position in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Stanford
2018-02-07 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Psychology at McGill University in Montreal [hehmanlab.org]
2018-02-02 Funded PhD Studentship in Psychological Sex Differences across Cultures
2018-02-01 Project Manager for the Kasanka Baboon Project, Zambia
2018-01-31 Postdoc position in primate biogeography and community ecology, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2018-01-29 Postdoc opportunity “Studying Homo erectus Lifestyle and Location (SHeLL),” at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden
2018-01-19 Postdoc in Population Genetics, Department for Archaeogenetics at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena, Germany
2018-01-18 Postdoc developing mathematical and computational models of evolution with Flo Débarre
2018-01-17 15 interdisciplinary PhD opportunities focussed on the North Atlantic region/arctic, University of Durham see also DURHAMARCTIC
2017-11-14 PhD opportunities at University of Kent, apply if interested in primatology research
2017-11-14 PhD position on the Steoncult project in Tübingen, studying early stone tool use using computer simulations
2017-11-06 Evolution of primate sociality: Conflict and coordination in great apes
2017-10-27 Post-doctoral researcher in the evolution of religion and cooperation at Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
2017-10-27 Post-doctoral fellow working on modelling cultural evolution at Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
2017-10-27 Call for Postdoctoral position in Data Science at Central European University
2017-10-26 PhD with Stefano Ghirlanda, City University of New York, link
2017-10-25 Department of Human Behavior, Ecology and CultureMax Planck at Leipzig with Richard McElreath‏ hiring now, link
2017-10-16 PhD/MSc positions in animal cognition available at University of Alberta with Lauren Guillette
2017-10-16 Interdisciplinary postdoc in the “cognitive science of values” at Princeton
2017-10-16 Postdoc opportunity with @sabine_stoll in cross-linguistic language acquisition research in Zurich
2017-10-10 PhD at St. Andrews – Archerfish as a model for sophisticated social learning
2017-10-07 PhD Comparative analyses of cooperative institutions in pastoral groups in Kenya
2017-10-06 PhD on Corvid cultural transmission: learning to learn from others
2017-10-06 PhD position @ University of Vienna – Avian pair-bond behaviour and social dynamics
2017-10-05 Junior Research Fellowship in Biology at St Johns College, Oxford: closing date 17 Nov 2017
2017-10-03 2x PhD, 1x postdoc positions. What is the importance of cultural transmission & inheritance of behaviour in the success of bird species?
2017-10-02 The Ontogeny and Diversity of Cumulative Culture Post-Doctoral FellowshipsFor international (prospective) postdoctoral researchers who wish to work in the UK, the call for applications to the Newton International Fellowship is now open. Deadline: 27th March. For researchers interested in social insects (including cognition), Mark Brown and Ellie Leadbeter are calling for fellowship applicants interested in working with them at the Royal Holloway University