Current Committee Members

Marco Smolla 

University of Pennsylvania

Interest: Social dynamics, cultural evolution and the feedback between culture and population structure.

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Edith Invernizzi

Vice Chair & Treasurer
University of St. Andrews

Interest: The role of dynamics in evolution, with a focus on behaviour.
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Social Sec. & Secretary
Sabine Nöbel

Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse

Interest: Cultural transmission of mating preferences in fruit flies and fish.

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Web Secretary
Olli Loukola

University of Oulu

Interest: Social information use in social insects.

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Journal Secretary
Rachel Harrison

University of St. Andrews

Interest: Cumulative cultural evolution with a  focus on the effects of innovation and behavioural flexibility.
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Co-opted Member, Journal 
Stephen Heap

University of Jyväskylä

Interest: Emergence of cooperative social systems and transmission of social information within those systems.
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Co-opted Member Dominik Deffner
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig

Interest: Cultural evolution, life history and the dynamics of human adaptation.
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Former Committee Members

Eva Reindl

Eva Reindl (2017-2018, Social Sec. & Secretary)