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ESLR Seminar Series

This year we will start our ESLR Seminar Series with a focus on the research of ECRs with a first round on Social Learning. The seminar takes place on Zoom on Thursday at 4pm CET.

Talks should be about 20-30 minutes long, be a work in progress, a pre-print or a finished project and should have an ECR as the main (or one of the main) researchers.


May 6th, 2021TBATBA
May 20th, 2021TBATBA

Sign-up as Speaker for the ESLR Seminar Series

As an early career researcher you are most welcome to sign up for one of the free presentation slots above. Please use the following form to do so:

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Sign-up as Attendee for the ESLR Seminar Series

To attend the seminars please sign-up here and you will receive the Zoom link via Email.


Will my talk be recorded?

If you would like us to record your talk (e.g. to share it later on your own website or YouTube), we can certainly record your talk and provide the video file to you after the talk. Let us know whether you would like us to record your talk prior to the meeting or.