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ESLR Seminar Series

This year we will start our ESLR Seminar Series with a focus on the research of ECRs with a first round on Social Learning. The seminar takes place on Zoom on Thursday at 4pm CEST.

Talks should be about 20-30 minutes long, be a work in progress, a pre-print or a finished project and should have an ECR as the main (or one of the main) researchers.


May 27th, 2021Rachel HarrisonThe Natural History of Conformity
June 10th, 2021No seminar because of the CES Meeting
June 24th, 2021Aysha BellamyBiases or balancing act? Investigating the flexibility of conformity
July 8th, 2021Marco SmollaCumulative cultural evolution and the coevolution of learning and social structure in changing environments
July 22nd, 2021Andrea GradassiThe impact of own and others’ confidence on social information use
August 5th, 2021Xinyue PanConformity Pressure and Norm Changes in Dynamic Environments
August 19th, 2021Saeed Shafiei SabetAnthropogenic sound reverberates at the community level; potentially disrupt sustainability of the natural environment
September 2nd, 2021Yoav RamCultural evolution of cooperation: the role of non-vertical transmission
September 30th, 2021Justin SulikHarnessing the diversity of social learning strategies in science
October 14th, 2021Mason YoungbloodCultural transmission bias in the spread of voter fraud conspiracy theories on Twitter during the 2020 US election
October 28th, 2021Victoria FranksParents versus peers: the effect of social environment on foraging behaviour in a juvenile songbird
November 11th, 2021
November 25th, 2021Limor RavivLinking language evolution, language acquisition, and language diversity: How social and cognitive pressures shape learning and communication
What are the social, environmental, and cognitive pressures that shape the evolution of language in our species? Why are there so many different languages in the world? And how did this astonishing linguistic diversity come about? These are some of the most interesting questions in the fields of cognitive science and linguistics, and represent the range of topics discussed in my research so far. My work focuses on linking core aspects of language acquisition, language evolution, and language diversity using a range of novel behavioral paradigms and computational models. My goal is to (1) shed light on the communicative pressures and cognitive constraints (e.g., memory limitations, efficiency) that shape social interaction and language use in our species, and (2) to identify the social, environmental, and cross-cultural factors (e.g., population size) that lead to language diversity and to cross-linguistic variation. In this talk, I will provide an overview of my research in the past six years (including methods and results from selected projects), as well as present future directions and ongoing work.

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