EHBEA 2020 Satellite Symposium on Strategic Social Learning, April 1st 2020, Krakow

Complex Systems Summer School for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and professionals, 14thJune10th July, 2020, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Past events


ESEB2019, 19th-24nd August, 2019, Turku, Finland

Culture Conference 2019 Communication in Culture, 1st2nd July, 2019, Stirling, UK

Revisiting the Evolution of Kinship, 27th February – 1st March, 2019, Canberra, Australia


The 13th Conference of the European Evolution and Human Behaviour Association, 4th-7th April, 2018, Pécs, Hungary

Second YSLR Workshop, 21st-22nd June, 2018, St Andrews, UK

The 30th annual conference of the Human Behaviour and Evolution Society4th-7th July, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The 5th Conference of the Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies, 24th-26th September, 2018, Warsaw, Poland


Members’ meeting at Methods in Cultural Evolution workshop, Penryn
Members’ meeting at Culture Conference, Birmingham
First YSLR Workshop, Manchester


Members’ meeting at Culture Conference, Birmingham